Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Rishi makes Tanuja leave from the house by dragging her along. Rishi is very much angry on Tanuja. He ends ties with Tanuja, while she cries. Rishi goes to know of her pregnancy, and its big thing for him. Raj calls Biji and wishes her happy birthday.

Rishi hears Raj’s voice and thinks of Raj’s reaction. Rishi does not make Tanuja leave, as Raj is unwell and he can’t bear the shock. Rishi decides to explain truth to Raj, so that Raj makes Tanuja leave by his will. Malaika planned to make Tanuja fall down the stairs. Tanuja falls down. Rishi rushes to Tanuja and holds her. Rishi scolds Malaika for making Tanuja fall.

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Chakor and Suraj’s love story will be starting now. They reach a village on the way to Delhi. Suraj and Chakor come closer. Suraj makes Chakor sleep on his shoulder in the bus. When they meet the villagers, they see celebrations going on. A lady asks them if they are husband and wife. Suraj and Chakor become part of the celebrations and dance together. The villagers bring them closer, by making them do the married couple rituals. Suraj marries Chakor again, by making her wear mangalsutra and filling sindoor. Their love will reach the destination. Suraj flirts with Chakor and wishes the happy moments night does not end ever.

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Nikhil and Mansi are making Swara and Sanskar helpless to rob the bank. Nikhil wants the money. Nikhil does not want any problem. Swara and Sanskar reach the bank and see the guards. Ragini’s mum Sharmishta comes there to meet them. Ragini signs Sharmishta and tells Nikhil’s truth, that Nikhil has caught Mishka and blackmailing them. Ragini tries giving chits to Sharmishta and others. She spreads her plan to give sleeping medicine to Mansi and Nikhil to make them sleep. Mansi and Nikhil are also clever, and fail Ragini’s plan. Ragini tries new plans to get free of Mansi’s clutches. She writes a note to Laksh.


Soumya comes to Harman, by hiding from Preeto. Preeto is not letting Soumya meet Harman. Soumya wakes up Harman. Soumya can’t see Harman in pain. Soumya makes kada for Harman. Harman wakes up and sees Soumya, when she was leaving. He holds Soumya’s hand and makes her sit. Soumya tells him that she made kada for him. Harman confesses his love to Soumya once again. He says I love you Soumya, which shocks her. Harman asks Soumya to swear on him and never go away from him. He is glad that Soumya has come to him by listening her heart and did not get scared of anyone. Harman can’t drink the kada by the bitter taste, but for Soumya’s sake, he drinks kada. He finds the kada sweet as its made by Soumya. He does not let Soumya go away.

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