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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Rani gets to know of Raja’s arrest and goes to meet Iqbal. Rani sees Nusrat and is shocked seeing her. Even Iqbal is missing. Nusrat does not now that Rani has seen her and leaves in her car. Nusrat is taking revenge.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Tanu are at gun point by the goons. Abhi is also caught up badly this time. Pragya sees them. Pragya calls Purab and Police. Tanu and Abhi came to shop jewelry, and goons come to rob the jewerly store. Tanu wanted goons to see Pragya and kill her. She hits the goon’s leg and tells him about Pragya hiding there. Abhi whistles and signs Pragya to be alert, goons have seen her. Pragya tries calling police fast. Pragya also get caught.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Ishwari is very happy that Sonakshi is pregnant. Ishwari wants to see her grandchild. Ishwari gives the good news to Sonakshi that she is going to become grandma, she understood as she is has seen Sonakshi getting nausea. Sonakshi also gets glad. Ishwari hugs Sonakshi and blesses her. They all call Sonakshi’s parents and tell them that Sonakshi is pregnant. She congratulates Sonakshi’s parents. She invites them for dinner to come and bless Dev and Sonakshi. The family is very happy to welcome the new member. Ishwari takes care of Sonakshi and makes her take good rest. She tells Sonakshi is not able to believe now, and is jumping on the good news, but when she will feel the baby in her womb, she will think of her baby as a mother. She says Sonakshi will feel all the emotions of a mother now. Sonakshi is very happy.

Naagin 2:

Kapalika calls Naagin’s Kaal, Mahish. Mahish has come to take revenge from Naagin Shivangi. Mahish has come out by shattering the earth. Mahish is the Ichchadhari bull.

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Raina is fighting with death for Rishabh. She falls on the huge pit, which is burning. Raina shouts for help and cries. Rishabh is in coma. Raina has fell down in the pit after getting a herb. The enemies will not let Raina win and save Rishabh. Mohini and Yug try to burn Raina alive by making her fall in the covered pit. Before Raina got burnt, Shivam makes an entry there. He puts sand on the fire. He blows off the fire and gives the tree branch to get Raina out of the pit. Raina cries and thanks him. Raina is giving this tough test as just she can do this as per her kundli. Everyone wants to snatch the herbal flower from her, but Shivam saves Raina. Raina wanted the herb as Rishabh is in coma. Shivam comes to save Raina. Mohini tried to ignite fire and burn up Raina, but failed. Raina gets another challenge to reach Rishabh.

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