Suraj-Chakor remarry and begin their new journey in Udaan

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When Chakor leaves for Delhi, Suraj reaches her and boards the bus. A man teases Chakor in the bus. Suraj angrily beats him and asks the man who has sent him to hurt Chakor. Chakor stops Suraj. The man argues with Suraj. Chakor stumbles. Suraj holds her.

Romance starts blossoming between them. Suraj tries to stop Chakor from falling in Bhaiya ji’s trap. He fails to stop her, so he accompanies her to protect her. They reach a village on the way to Delhi. Suraj and Chakor come closer. Suraj makes Chakor sleep on his shoulder in the bus. When they meet the villagers, they see celebrations going on. A lady asks them if they are husband and wife. Suraj and Chakor become part of the celebrations and dance together. Everyone praise them and call them made for each other. The villagers bring them closer, by making them do the married couple rituals. Suraj marries Chakor again, by making her wear mangalsutra and filling sindoor. Chakor gets emotional and starts valuing her marriage. Suraj too gets realizing his feelings for Chakor. Their love will reach the destination. Suraj flirts with Chakor and wishes the happy moments night does not end ever. Chakor and Suraj’s love story will be starting with this Delhi track. Keep reading.

Earlier in Udaan:

Ragini aims gun at her head and getting mad. She tries to commit suicide. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana come to her and stop Ragini. Ragini tells Bhaiya ji that he has slapped her and saved Suraj. She does not want to live now. Bhaiya ji consoles Ragini and tells his plan. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she is going to Delhi. Bhaiya ji allows her to go and had made a plan ready to execute in Chakor’s absence.

Chakor leaves for Delhi for participating in Asian games. She boards the bus. Suraj comes running to Chakor and is much concerned for her. Suraj is realizing his love for Chakor. Suraj follows Chakor and reaches the bus in which Chakor is travelling. A man troubles Chakor. Suraj beats that man. Suraj got to know that Bhaiya ji is plotting against Chakor and sending her away. Suraj wants to save Chakor’s life and always protect her. Chakor gets surprised seeing Suraj. She argues with Suraj and asks him not to create drama. She makes him sit silently and they both leave for Delhi. Suraj stays alert to fail Bhaiya ji’s plans.

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