Huge conflicts and drama next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi gets angry on Raman and asks him how did he scold and beat Suhail without knowing why did Suhail come here. Raman asks Ruhi to talk with manners. Ruhi asks them how can they beat Suhail without thinking once. Raman gets angry. Ishita stops Raman.

Ruhi is worried seeing Suhail’s beaten up state. Adi and Mr. Bhalla take Suhail to hospital. Ruhi gets hyper and shouts on family. Suhail was much injured and was admitted to hospital. Raman and Romi do not help Suhail. Romi says Suhail should go to hell, as he tried spying on Ruhi. Ruhi asks Raman to beat her also, as this is his only way. Raman asks her to shut up. Their arguments get high. Raman goes to slap Ruhi. Mihika and Ishita stop Romi and Raman, and take them away. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer calm down Ruhi. Ishita does not know Ruhi’s craze for Suhail. Ruhi is worried for Suhail. Later, Raman and Romi come to have food. The family is annoyed with them. Raman asks Ruhi to give her phone password. Ruhi asks Raman what’s the big issue.

Raman brings Ruhi and Suhail’s truth out, as he sees Ruhi and Suhail’s pic. Ishita meets Mani to explain him about Shagun and Vidyut. Mani is very annoyed as Ishita and Raman have hidden about Shagun’s affair. Raman and Ishita explain their plan to Mani, that they have made Vidyut trap Shagun by his charm so that they can get Pihu back. Mani is upset on Ishita for her planning to use Shagun this way. Mani takes Shagun’s side knowing entire story and scolds Raman and Ishita, along with Shagun. Shagun apologizes to Mani for thinking to give him divorce to Mani and marry Vidyut. Mani also scolds Shagun and leaves with Aaliya.


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