Omkara and Rudra to utterly support Anika in Ishqbaaz


Dadi tells the family about the other ritual which Shivay and Anika will be doing. She says the husband and wife to feed food to each other to increase love and peace in their relation and family. She asks Anika and Shivay to feed food to each other.

The business clients come to congratulate Shivay on his wedding. Shakti welcomes them. Thakurs could not come in the marriage. Jhanvi worries that if Thakurs know Anika is Shivay’s wife, the society will know it soon. Jhanvi suggests Pinky to stop the rituals. Thakurs get excited to see the post marriage rituals. They ask Shivay to introduce his wife. Shivay names Anika, which gives tension to the family. Shivay introduces Anika as his wedding planner. Tia comes to meet Thakurs as Shivay’s wife. Tia has invited Thakurs to show Anika her place. Tia does not let Thakurs say anything.


Anika understands its Tia’s plan. Tia invited guests to do ritual with Shivay and stop Dadi and Anika. The lady asks Tia why is she not having mangalsutra and sindoor. Pinky makes excuse that Tia did not like mangalsutra design and sent to exchange. The lady compliments Anika for wearing mangalsutra and sindoor and valuing the suhaag items so much, while Tia is also a newly wed and does not value sindoor. The lady guesses Anika loves her husband a lot. She asks Anika about her husband. Anika gets trapped and sees Shivay. Anika describes Shivay when the lady asks more about Anika’s husband. The lady gets impressed by Anika. She asks Tia to apply sindoor before doing the post marriage rituals.

The lady suggests Shivay to fill Tia’s hairline with sindoor. Even Tia’s mom states the need of sindoor and asks Shivay to fill sindoor in Tia’s hairline. Rudra can’t see whatever is happening. Omkara tries to control Rudra from doing any mistake. Rudra asks Omkara to just leave him. Omkara too can’t see Tia and Shivay together. Omkara leaves Rudra to do something and stop Tia. Rudra makes Tia’s mom stumble. The sindoor box flies in air and sindoor reaches Anika’s hairline instead Tia. Sindoor falls over Tia’s face. Omkara and Rudra get happy. Shivay goes to help Tia, but finds it important to see Anika first. Anika cries by the fate and touches her sindoor.

Rudra talks as Tia in her language and tells them that its universe’s wish. Dadi sends Tia with Anika. Omkara and Rudra laugh and make fun of Tia, whose face turned red by sindoor. Tia’s mom stops them to confront for their mischief. She warns Omkara and Rudra not to do this again. She guarantees that Tia will do the ritual, not that cheap wedding planner Anika. Omkara gets angry and tells Tia’s mom that Anika is Shivay’s wife, their Bhabhi. Rudra warns her not to do anything against Anika, as they both are supporting Anika. Tia’s mom challenges them that only Tia will do the ritual. Omkara takes the challenge and tells her that just Anika will do the ritual. Keep reading.


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