Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira got to know that Kartik has become free and out of jail. Gayu and Naira come to find him at the Dargah. Naira goes to apologize to Kartik. Naira and Kartik reach the Dargah. They both pray together about each other’s prayers getting fulfilled.

Fate has brought them to this point where they can’t see the things getting fine between them. They both make mannat. Naira stops him and tries to apologize. Kartik is annoyed with her and does not want to talk to her. Kartik is going to Goenka house. Naira prays to get Kartik. She gets surprised seeing him beside her. Naira got to know Kartik did not do Akshara’s accident. Kartik thanks Naira for not trusting him and hurting him this way.

Chandra Nandni:

Chandra and Nandini have hatred between them. They fight and always argue with bitter words. Chandra’s sister has come. Chandra declares that he has fixed his sister’s marriage with neighbor province’s prince. His sister gets a big shock and cries. Chandra understands relations, though he hates Nandini. Everyone is worried seeing Chandra and Nandini’s togetherness. Helena is upset that Chandra always listens to Nandini. She feels he is getting inclined towards Nandini, even when he hates her. Helena is in love with Chandra.

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Dadi is trying to get Naina and Raghav together. Naina is very upset and behaves like she is not in her own self. Dadi gets Naina to do the post marriage rituals. Dadi is happy, but Naina is very much lost. Dadi tells Naina that Naina has to win and show women power. Dadi calls Raghav and makes him sit with Naina. Dadi puts the ring in the huge milk bowl and asks them to find the ring. Dadi cheers for Naina and asks her to find ring. Naina does not listen to Dadi and sits crying.


Anika apologizes to Pinky for hurting her sentiments. Anika meets the Oberoi family and tells her decision that she is leaving now. Shivay has asked Anika to leave. Sahil comes to take Anika home. Anika hugs Soumya and thanks her for taking care of Sahil. Anika gets leaving with Sahil. Shivay stops Anika and gives her a shock. Shivay asks Anika where is she going, as she has no home left now. He tells Anika that he is the new owner of her house. Shivay has sold the house to someone else now. Shivay is taking revenge from Anika. Anika asks Shivay where will we go now, it was Sahil’s house, how can he sell it to someone else. Anika asks him will we stay on road now. Sahil falls down. Anika helps him and cries. Shivay was very much rude to Sahil. Shivay feels guilty and supports Sahil.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi gets angry on Raman and asks him how did he scold and beat Suhail without knowing why did Suhail come here. Raman asks Ruhi to talk with manners. Ruhi asks them how can they beat Suhail without thinking once. Raman gets angry. Ishita stops Raman. Ruhi is worried seeing Suhail’s beaten up state. Adi and Mr. Bhalla take Suhail to hospital. Ruhi gets hyper and shouts on family. Suhail was much injured and was admitted to hospital. Raman and Romi do not help Suhail. Romi says Suhail should go to hell, as he tried spying on Ruhi. Ruhi asks Raman to beat her also, as this is his only way. Raman asks her to shut up. Their arguments get high.

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