Suraj-Chakor on verge of love realization in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj have come back to haveli. Chakor dreamt to become a big sports person, but her dreams shattered. Chakor gets injured. Suraj takes care of her, like she always takes care of her. Chakor sits crying and thinks of her dreams.

Chakor has lost and she is very upset. Suraj explains her that one failure does not matter. Suraj showers his concern and love on her. Suraj takes care of her injured foot. Chakor is in fear that she can’t save Suraj now. Chakor thinks her name will not be big now. She will lose her fame and also the media power. She feels Bhaiya ji can easily kill Suraj now. Suraj tells her that he is always with her. Suraj gives her wine saying its juice and will relieve her pain. Chakor likes the juice and drinks many glasses of wine.

Chakor gets drunk and tells Suraj that she is not afraid to lose her fame and career, but she is afraid that Suraj’s life is in risk now. Chakor does not let Suraj go away from her, and holds Suraj’s hand to make him sit behind and sleep with his assurance. Suraj and Chakor are coming close. Suraj goes to find out who is playing with Chakor’s career. He finds out that Chakor failed in the dupe test and was removed from the Asian games, all because of Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji has made Chakor fail in dupe test by the false results. Suraj plans to do something for Chakor and make her become the national marathon winner again.


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