Jaggi accused for Ahem’s death in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi tells Urvashi that he is going to do new work of truck driving now. Urvashi worries. He asks her to forget what happened 5 years ago. Gopi hears them and asks what is their secret. Urvashi gets worried and tries to hide the matter from Gopi.

Kokila comes and tells Gopi that Jaggi is Ahem’s murderer. Kokila slaps Jaggi and scolds him with the blame that he has killed her son Ahem. Jaggi gets in shock by the blame, not the slap. Jaggi can’t believe it himself. Kokila and the entire family get against Jaggi for killing Modi heir Ahem. Jaggi falls down and cries. Jaggi was no where in the serial story before, and now poor Jaggi is held responsible for Ahem’s death. Kokila reminds everyone the sorrowful day when they saw Ahem dead. Ahem’s death secret has come out. Kokila got out of control knowing Jaggi has killed Ahem. Urvashi tells Gopi that Jaggi did not kill Ahem. She tells Gopi that Jaggi has done Ahem’s accident, but when police was investigation, there was confusion and case did not get booked against Jaggi.

Urvashi tells them that Jaggi did accident, but it’s not proved that Jaggi has killed Ahem. Jaggi did not do Ahem’s accident and knows he is innocent. Kokila asks Jaggi did he come to light their house by blowing off their Kuldeepak. She threatens to call police and get Jaggi punished. Urvashi begs to Kokila to not call police and leave Jaggi. Kokila will now make Urvashi and Jaggi cry and get punishment. Urvashi asks Gopi and Parag to explain Kokila, Jaggi is innocent. Jaggi consoles Urvashi and asks her not to worry. Jaggi is innocent and reached the accident spot with his truck after Ahem died. How will Jaggi be proved innocent now? Keep reading.



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