Shivika’s journey to re-begin with hurdles in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay feel like strangers, who do not know each other. They both see the big change in each other’s behavior. Tia acts sweet and pitiable in front of Shivay.

Anika gets helpless when she is dragged by Shivay. After Shivay forces Anika to apologize to Tia, Anika commits the mistake to put pepper spray in Tia’s eyes and then apologizes to Tia. Shivay finds Anika impossible to do this thing. Anika clears out that she did not do mistake before, and this is result when he forced her to say sorry. Tia gets a good lesson by Anika’s smart move. Shivay gets angry when Tia fills his ears against Anika. Tia tells Shivay that Anika may even kill her in his absence. Tia asks Shivay to make Anika leave from this house. She calls him useless and losing all his power to make the world bend in front of him. Tia remarks Shivay that he is not like before. She believes Shivay wanted to marry Anika. Shivay denies it.

Tia asks Shivay how is Anika doing all the rituals as his wife. She asks him to throw Anika out, why is he waiting till now. Shivay takes a day time and tells Tia that he will surely kick out Anika. Tia gets happy and expects good. Tia makes Shivay against Anika. She informs her mom about her big step. She tells her mom that its last day of Anika in Oberoi mansion tomorrow.

Anika catches cold after the throw in swimming poll. Anika tells Dadi that Shivay has thrown her in pool, but Shivay lies to Dadi and tells Dadi that he has jumped in pool to get Anika out. Anika is hurt by Shivay’s behavior. Dadi asks Anika to take care of her health. Dadi gets Anika’s luggage and places it in Shivay’s cupboard. Shivay does not like this. He does not want to share wardrobe with anyone. Dadi asks him to share everything with Anika, who is his wife now. Dadi tells him that Anika has equal share in his life too. Dadi tries to get them together. Anika asks Shivay about his lie.

Shivay calls her a liar. Anika asks him to say clearly about her lies. Shivay does not speak out what’s in his mind. He ends the conversation. Anika gets leaving to go out and sleep. Shivay does not let her go and asks her to rest in room. Anika refuses to stay with him. He is worried for her unwell state. He asks her problem. She calls him the problem. Seeing her cold and fever, Shivay commands her to stay back and rest. Anika does not listen to him and runs from window. Shivay calls Anika completely mad.

On the other hand, Rudra is sure that both Shivay and Anika are mad. The brothers joke on Shivay, who does not realize his love for Anika. Rudra understands Shivay loves Anika. Omkara also sees Shivay’s love evident even in his anger. Rudra and Omkara do not value family line and background. They value person’s heart and nature more. They just wish Shivay realizes his feelings soon and values Anika.


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