Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Naagin 2: Sesha and Shivangi have a fight. Both the Naagins fight and get anger out. Before Shivangi could secure herself, she was attacked by Sesha. Sesha is much angry and is determined to kill Shivangi. Shivangi lacks expertise and gets bitten by Sesha.

Shivangi escapes by the wall and runs to the temple. Rudra was present at the temple. Shivangi has poison in her. She reaches Rudra and falls in his arms. The Guru tells Rudra that just Rudra can save Shivangi as Rudra is a very powerful Naag. Rudra tries to get Shivangi’s poison in him. Rudra prays to Shiv and takes Naag avatar. The enemies are increasing in number. Rudra and Shivangi are managing by helping out each other. Rudra saves Shivangi’s life.


Swaragini gets a happy ending. They family has an emotional union. The elders bless all the younger lots. They all celebrate after all the hurdles they have seen in their lives. Swara and Ragini have united as they always dreamt. Even Maheshwari family is happy to get their two sons Laksh and Sanskar united. The show is ending this week.


Rishi wanted to give divorce to Tanuja, but he has changed his decision for Raj’s sake. Raj has come back home. Rishi behaves normal with Raj, as if nothing happened at home. Tanuja takes care of Raj. Raj is happy and blesses Tanuja. Raj calls Rishi very lucky to get a wife like Tanuja. He says both Rishi and Tanuja have good fate. Rishi is in dilemma over Tanuja’s matter. Raj unites Rishi and Tanuja’s hands. Rishi was about to accept his love for Tanuja, when the pregnancy news came out. The misunderstandings and problems are created between them by Malaika. Rishi hopes everything gets fine between him and Tanuja.

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Harman calls out Preeto and Harak Singh out. He gets Soumya home and shouts on his parents. Soumya’s slap marks are on Harman’s heart. He asks Preeto who slapped Preeto. Preeto tries to explain. Harman asks everyone to shut up. Preeto says I slapped Soumya, what will you do. Preeto says that slap was needed, and if Harman knows it now, she can’t help it. Harman knows how to answer his mother. Harman asks Soumya to take him to his room, as his foot in injured. Harman loves Preeto a lot, but he can’t see Soumya in trouble. Harman tells Preeto that Soumya is bearing all this but not leaving the house, but I will not stay here, this house will divided right away.


Devanshi tells Kusum that Ishwar is the head of the house, so Ishwar will sit on the head’s chair. She feeds the food to Ishwar, and asks Kusum to have leftover food of her husband, which shocks Kusum. Kusum and Mohan have to stop Devanshi from bringing change in their lives.

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