Gopi regrets over marrying Ahem’s murderer in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi is in lockup because of never-ending enemies. Urvashi and Urmila are sure that Jaggi can’t kill anyone. Urmila says we know you are innocent, but Jaggi is believing he has killed Ahem. Gopi is annoyed and does not know how to react.

Jaggi makes the inmates fight and tricks constables to run away from lockup. Jaggi runs away and goes home to meet Gopi. He apologizes for Ahem’s accident. Gopi shouts on Jaggi and says it was not an accident, Jaggi was drunk and driving, so it was a murder. She says Ahem will not come back now, why did he kill Ahem. She asks Jaggi to kill her also, she will never forgive a murderer now. Police reaches the house to catch Jaggi again. Gopi asks police to take Jaggi. She is angry on Jaggi and scolds him. Gopi does not know how to vent out her anger and asks inspector to just take away Jaggi from her sight. Urvashi tries to explain Gopi. Gopi wipes out her sindoor in anger. Urmila stops Gopi and asks her to be strong. Gopi shuts I can never forgive Jaggi and apologizes to Urvashi, asking her not to expect anything from her.


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