Kasam – Rishi close to truth

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Rishi wanted to give divorce to Tanuja, but he has changed his decision for Raj’s sake. Raj has come back home. Rishi behaves normal with Raj, as if nothing happened at home. Tanuja takes care of Raj. Raj is happy and blesses Tanuja.

Raj calls Rishi very lucky to get a wife like Tanuja. He says both Rishi and Tanuja have good fate. Rishi is in dilemma over Tanuja’s matter. Raj unites Rishi and Tanuja’s hands. Rishi was about to accept his love for Tanuja, when the pregnancy news came out. The misunderstandings and problems are created between them by Malaika. Rishi hopes everything gets fine between him and Tanuja.

Rishi has done a compromise for Tanuja, as he does not want to give divorce shock to Raj. Rishi goes to Tanuja and apologizes to her, asking her to forget his annoyance and matter for some days. Rishi’s misunderstandings did not end. Tanuja cries knowing the compromise. Rishi asks Tanuja to act like they are in love and happy together. Tanuja is ready to do the acting. Raj in unwell. Rishi asks Tanuja to take care of Raj, and not let Raj know the divorce matter. Tanuja has to bear all this, even when she loves Rishi. Rishi and Tanuja never accepted their love. Rishi and Tanuja’s love story has more of separation. Tanuja gets a hope that once she stays back, Rishi will know the matter truth. Keep reading.

Earlier in Kasam

Tanuja is asked to leave the house. Tanuja looks at Rishi. Rishi also asks her to leave. Malaika pushes Tanuja from the stairs. Rishi gets shocked seeing Tanuja falling down the stairs. Malaika gets caught red handed. Rishi scolds Malaika for pushing Tanuja and trying to kill her child. He asks Malaika does she want Tanuja to die. He gets angry on Malaika. He lifts Tanuja in arms and takes her. Tanuja’s truth will come out in hospital that she is not pregnant. Malaika’s plan will fail now. Rishi will not leave Malaika after knowing Tanuja was covering up Ahana’s daughter’s pregnancy by getting all the defamation in her lap.






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