Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings


Raghav has done a big favor on Dadi by marrying Naina on Dadi’s saying. Sudha and Pam make plans to make Raghav leave from the house. Even Madan and Balraj are worried seeing Raghav getting high in Dadi’s eyes. Everyone hates Raghav.

When they got to know Dadi is going to name her property to Raghav, they all plan to make Raghav out. They all feel Raghav fails their plans and treat him badly like a servant. Raghav gets hurt by their rude behavior. Raghav does not say anything and quietly leaves from house to stay in outhouse. Later, Naina sees Raghav paying money to Veer. She gets mistaken that Raghav and Veer trapped her. Naina is not believing on Raghav and is very unhappy with the marriage.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ruhi have much tension between them, all because of Suhail. The media comes to Suhail’s house. Ruhi wanted to tell reporters about her and Suhail’s relation. Raman stops Ruhi from making any announcement. Suhail announces that Ruhaan will not do his company’s concert. Ruhi gets shocked. Suhail does not want to get Ruhi and Raman to have problems, and makes Ruhi away. Raman was doubting on Ruhi and following her everywhere. Ruhi asks Raman does he not want to know why she has met Suhail, than doubting on her. Ruhi lied to Raman about meeting Suhail. Raman and Ruhi spot Ruhi with Suhail. Raman gets angry on Ruhi. Ruhi explains Raman that she has come to chemist shop to take Ishita’s medicines, and met Suhail coincidentally.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik has come back home. Kartik’s Dadi was waiting for her. On seeing Kartik, the family gets much happy. They all welcome Kartik well. Naira meets Kartik and tries to convince him to forgive him.

Kartik is upset and asks Naira not to talk anything. They meet by coincidence. He says I m fed up of proving myself, you need proof of my love and innocence always. He denies to give any explanation again. His anger is justified as she has always doubted on him. Kartik is very angry as Naira has blamed him for big thing this time. Naira is very important in his life and he is much hurt. Naira has realized her mistake by giving him a gift to apologize. She could not convince him.


Jaggi is in lockup because of never-ending enemies. Urvashi and Urmila are sure that Jaggi can’t kill anyone. Urmila says we know you are innocent, but Jaggi is believing he has killed Ahem. Gopi is annoyed and does not know how to react. Jaggi makes the inmates fight and tricks constables to run away from lockup. Jaggi runs away and goes home to meet Gopi. He apologizes for Ahem’s accident. Gopi shouts on Jaggi and says it was not an accident, Jaggi was drunk and driving, so it was a murder. She says Ahem will not come back now, why did he kill Ahem. She asks Jaggi to kill her also, she will never forgive a murderer.


Shivaye, Anika and Tia’s story is going on since long. Shivaye will be becoming a caring husband now. Though he gets angry on Anika on Tia’s saying, he has much concern for her. Anika’s sister’s entry will be happening, which will be again get related to Oberois.


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