Gopi regrets to suspect Jaggi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi misses Gopi and is hurt that Gopi did not believe him. Jaggi hits his head on the lockup walls. Constable stops him. Gopi is also crying, being outside the jail. Jaggi is proved innocent. Gopi is happy with this and apologizes to Jaggi.

Inspector tells them that the truck which has hit vacant car. Dharam is the witness and tells Gopi that Ahem was not in the car when Jaggi’s truck has hit the car. Gopi asks Dharam is he sure. Dharam swears on his would be born babies and says truth that Jaggi is innocent. Gopi goes to Jaggi. Jaggi thinks he is imagining her. Gopi says I have really come here, you did not kill Ahem, you are innocent and its proved now.


Dharam has made Jaggi out of the blame. Inspector says Jaggi can get bail as of now, but all blames will be removed after they find the real culprit. Inspector says Ahem’s dead body was not found in the car, so there is another angle in this case. Gopi and Urvashi get Jaggi home. Kokila gets angry on Jaggi and is sure that she has lost Ahem because of Jaggi. Urvashi asks Gopi to help her in convincing Kokila. Gopi cries and does not know how to get Jaggi’s forgiveness, as she has scolded him a lot in anger. Jaggi hopes the relations will get fine now. Keep reading.


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