Rudra gets attacked by Mahish in Naagin 2


Shivangi tells Rudra about the snake skin. Rudra returns the skin and tells her that Yamini had it, and Sesha was going to burn it. Rudra has saved the snake skin. Rocky throws it outside by mistake and Yamini-Sesha get it. They try to burn that thinking its Naag’s skin.

Shivangi tells Rudra that she was burning in fire and thanks him for saving him. Sesha argues with Avantika and asks her to come, so that they can go and get Naagmani. She has got the fake keys of the locker by which they can get Naagmani. Avantika tells Sesha that she will not come to wait for Yamini. Avantika reminds Sesha that they are animals, while Yamini is a human and can’t be saved from them. Sesha asks Avantika not to keep sleeping, else they will lose Naagmani. Yamini takes class of Sesha, Avantika and Kapalika.

The Ichchadharri Bull Mahish will be entering. Rudra is attacked by Mahish and trapped by the bull. But, Yamini gets to know that Rudra is caught by the bull. She asks her team to get Rudra free from the bull by breaking the bull’s thorns. She wants Rudra as Rudra will get Naagmani for them, Kapalika is not able to help Yamini. Sesha asks Yamini not to tell her this tough task. Yamini is hated by her crime partners. Sesha and Avantika fight with Yamini for double crossing them. Avantika asks Yamini to get Shivangi for the puja, they will get Naagmani back. Shivangi can lift the Naagmani, being a Naagin. Sesha asks Yamini to convince Shivangi. Yamini finds it an impossible task.


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