Anika close to dig out Shivay’s annoyance truth in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Anika is angry that Shivay cancelled Sahil’s admission. She gets surprised when a lady from a big school meets her for Sahil’s admission. Anika finds the fees too high.

The lady says Sahil’s admission is already done and fees is also paid. Anika thinks who has done this. Dadi tells Sahil that this boarding school is best one and Sahil can come home on weekends to meet Anika. Anika asks Dadi how many favors will she do on her. Dadi tells Anika that she did not get Sahil’s admission done. Anika asks who has done this from Oberoi family. Dadi says Shivay has done all this, he is not so bad. Anika and Sahil get surprised. She goes to confront Shivay for deciding this and not asking her.

Anika goes and scolds Shivay. She asks Shivay did he had any head injury in childhood, that’s why he is mad to decide for other’s lives without discussing with anyone. She asks him to think before spoiling things. He asks the matter. She confronts him about Sahil’s matter. He accepts he has cancelled his admission from the school and got him in better school. She asks him why does he not say if he does any right work, why does he hide his doings always. He asks her not to overreact. She clears it was not needed, and she can never return such big amount. She says I lost the job now, as Shivay got married, so I have to find new job. She then realizes she married Shivay. He asks what’s her problem. She counts the money she has to return Shivay. He hands over her diary and asks her to use it to calculate. Shivika’s cute moments are seen after a long time.

Shivay calls her maths skills poor. She says I teach maths to Sahil. He says I will teach Sahil now, else Sahil will fail. She does not calculate the amount right. He says you can never return it.

She accepts challenge and asks him to calculate amount, she will surely return it. She asks him why did he do this. Shivay tells her that he wanted to give a bright future to Sahil, as Sahil is talented. She thanks him. He asks her not to thank him, as he did this for Sahil. She asks him why does he do good and bad, why does he get caring and then angry. She says I feel you have something to say and complain, as if I have cheated you, your eyes have hatred for me. She asks him to say what did she do. He does not tell her. She demands an answer from him. He says you have cheated me. He recalls Daksh and Anika. She asks him to say when did he cheat him. He does not tell her and leaves angrily.


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