Daksh’s re-entry and Anika’s kidnapping twist in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets to know Daksh’s truth and comes Oberoi mansion to shout out to Shivay. Daksh catches Anika and uses chloroform to make her faint. Daksh has come back again. Daksh got to know Anika got married to Shivay.

Daksh gets angry and turns psycho. Daksh’s true colors come out in front of Anika. He is the villain of Shivay and Anika’s love story. Daksh makes Anika faint. He sees Shivay and hides Anika in Oberoi mansion. Daksh hides till Shivay leaves and then takes Anika. Anika gets kidnapped by Daksh. Shivay gets to know that Anika is kidnapped by Daksh. He feels terrible that he did not believe Anika and behaved madly with her. Shivay will not leave Daksh now, after knowing Daksh had been stalking Anika and trapping her to get engaged by having a good image. Daksh’s misunderstandings get cleared in Shivay’s mind. Daksh has done a big mistake this time. Daksh’s lies and cheats have been exposed, and now Shivay will take revenge from Daksh and save Anika. Big drama will start now. Keep reading.


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