Shivay to return Anika’s big favor in Ishqbaaz


Anika has united the Oberoi brothers again. Anika gets happy seeing them together and happy. Rudra stops Anika and asks her to join them in their moment. Anika joins them.

Omkara thanks Anika for uniting them. He welcomes her in the brothers’ moment. Anika as Shivay’s wife becomes part of their group. She asks Omkara and Rudra to always support Shivay in good and bad times. She compliments them. Shivay is thankful to Anika. Shivay stops Anika from leaving the room and wants to thank her. Anika sees he is not able to say what he means. She asks him not to try to thank her, as he has never learnt it. She says I don’t need your thanks and gets away from him. Shivay genuinely wants to thank her and stops her. He tells her that he is thanking her and she has to accept his thanks.

Anika says I have done all this for Dadi and family. Shivay also says that he did all that for family. She says you have done wrong. They both get into their usual nok jhok. Anika asks him not to waste her time and leaves. He calls her ill-mannered and having much attitude. Anika is angry as Shivay was thanking her as doing a favor on her. She does not need his thanks as he has spoiled her life. She calms herself and rests to sleep. Shivay goes to give her the blanket, as she had fever. He sees her sleeping and worries that she will catch cold. He covers her with the blanket. He recalls her fears of darkness and switches the lights on.

Anika prepares Sahil for his school. She asks him to be strong and not care if the kids make fun of his weakness. The school principal calls Anika and apologizes for cancelling Sahil’s admission. Anika argues and calls it wrong to cancel admission at the last moment. The lady apologizes and tells her that head of board has taken this decision. Anika asks who is that person. The lady says Shivay Singh Oberoi has taken this decision. Anika gets angry on Shivay. Tia comes to defend Shivay’s step to not bear more losses. Meanwhile, Randhawa calls Priyanka to know her decision. Priyanka gets scared. Randhawa asks her to come and meet him, and threatens her to be at his place soon.


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