Anika’s plan to expose Tia’s truth fails again in Ishqbaaz


Anika hears Tia talking to her lover. She spies on Tia and taunts her. She gets some details and argues with Tia to know where she is going. Tia gets angry on Anika and asks her to feel part of family, as Shivay will kick her out after divorce.

Tia scolds Anika and warns her not to say anything, else she will complain Shivay. Tia raises hand on Anika to slap her. Anika twists Tia’s hand and teaches her a lesson. Anika asks Tia not to anything against the family, else she will not leave Tia. Tia gets in hurry and leaves. Shivay lends support to Sahil seeing him fall. Shivay gets friendly with Sahil and helps him out by genuine concern. Sahil confronts Shivay for getting his name removed from school.


Shivay and Sahil have a cute conversation. Shivay asks Sahil about the food he is eating. Shivay finds the food burnt. Sahil praises the food Anika made for him.

Shivay does not let Sahil eat burnt food, and takes Sahil with him to prepare something for the kid. Sahil finds Anika’s handmade food better. Shivay recalls Anika, and finds Sahil very similar to Anika. He asks Sahil about the power cuts in their area. Sahil asks Shivay to talk straight. He asks Sahil if Anika used to get scared by darkness. Shivay tries asking about Chutki. Sahil does not understand anything. Sahil asks what do you want to know about Anika. Shivay finds its tough to know anything from Anika and Sahil.

Tia makes her plan with Dushyant to meet him at the resort to celebrate her anniversary. Tia’s mom tries to stop Tia from meeting her husband. Tia does not listen to her mom and says no one can stop her today from meeting her husband. She says its important to meet today, as its her anniversary.

Anika asks Omkara and Rudra to come along for following Tia. Omkara and Rudra disagree with her to follow Tia, and believe Tia after her kidnapping. Anika is sure that Tia is married. She tells Omkara that Tia has gone to meet her husband. Rudra also believes Tia. Anika asks them to help her once to clear her doubt. Omkara agrees saying this will be last time they are doubting Tia. Tia sees Anika following her and worriedly rushed to trick Anika. Anika finds Tia’s car parked somewhere. Tia takes a taxi and runs away.


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