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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mani comes home and sees Raman and Ishita with Shagun. He does not know the matter of Ruhi’s MMS. He figures out that they are hiding something from him.

Shagun also does not tell him anything. Mrs. Bhalla acts to be drunk and fools Mr. Bhalla. The family worries for Mrs. Bhalla. Mihika and Aaliya also get drunk. Mrs. Bhalla gets a hangover. The men worry for their partners and take care of them. The women act to be drunk and get glad that their partners care for them. There are fun moments in Bhalla house, while Raman and Ishita are dealing with big problem.


Chanchal asks cops to arrest Dadi. Dadi gets handcuffed. Mehra family gets shocked. Raghav can’t believe that Naina’s family did. Naina tries to stop Chanchal. Chanchal says Dadi is the eldest member in the house and asks cops to take her away. Dadi did not know Rajeev and Chanchal are such people. Dadi is blamed to mistreat Naina at home. Chanchal shouts on Mehras for making Naina a servant. Naina could not do anything. Rajeev and Chanchal do not hear her. Naina will head to the cops and defend Dadi from all blames. Chanchal and Naina want a huge amount for settlement of the case.


Shivay and Anika always argue. Anika is upset as Shivay did not believe her, and blamed her for a wrong thing. Anika does not listen to Shivay and leaves from the room to sleep outside. Shivay finds her much annoyed. Shivay asks her to listen once. Anika is hurt. Shivay is worried for Anika. They both have much ego and attitude. Shivay worries for Anika and realizes he has hurt her a lot by his bitter accusations. Anika and Shivay did not admit their feelings to each other, but still Shivay blames her for cheating him. After the truth came out, Shivay wants to apologize and end his annoyance. She shows him attitude and does not forgive him. She does not want any of her rights, and wanted just respect from Shivay. When he did not trust and respect her, she got much hurt. Anika decides to go her home.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya feels she is the reason for Abhi’s pain. She decides to go away from his life. Aaliya calls Pragya unlucky. Aaliya’s words strike Pragya’s heart. Abhi gets conscious and asks for Nikita.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Gaura thanks Lord and tells the Ahem’s death secret. She tells how she has done Ahem’s accident and had backup plan to get Jaggi in Gopi’s life. Gaura plays safe and is very sharp to fool Gopi and Kokila.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Sethia family is upset. Priyanka has seen Sushant filling Mala’s hairline in the temple. There is huge tension. Sushant feels guilty and is sorrowful too. Priyanka could not bear the shock and fell from temple stairs. She is brought to hospital. Sushant is worried. Sushant’s other wife and son truth shocks Priyanka. The family is annoyed with Aryan, Sanchi and Sushant for not telling them about his truth. There is much tragedy. Doctor tells them that Priyanka had a miscarriage. She says I told you all that the first three months of Priyanka’s pregnancy were crucial and family had to take care of her well. Sushant gets scolded. Priyanka gets another shock knowing of her miscarriage.


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