Daksh instigates Pinky against Anika in Ishqbaaz


Anika slaps Daksh hard in anger. Daksh angrily hurts her. Later, Daksh comes home and greets Pinky and Jhanvi. He asks them about Anika. He wants to meet his fiancee Anika. He asks them why are they reacting weird, is everything fine.

Shivay feels uneasy and restless. He wonders what maybe the cause, maybe something wrong is going to happen. Shivay goes out and does not notice Daksh’s car. Anika is inside the car dickey. Shivay does not know about Anika’s captive state. Jhanvi tries to tell Daksh about Shivay and Anika’s marriage. Daksh says I know Anika’s work got over here and that’s why they would have removed Anika from work after Shivay’s marriage. Shivay senses Anika close to him, but can’t figure out.

Daksh tries to fill Pinky’s mind against Anika. Pinky wants to know what Anika did. Daksh tells them that Anika cheated on him. He tells fake story that Anika forced him for engagement. He says Anika’s work is to trap rich guys, I have come to break her engagement, she is characterless girl, its good they fired her from job.

Jhanvi scolds Daksh and does not believe him. Daksh says Anika looked innocent, but she is a fraud. Jhanvi asks him to talk of Anika with respect, as she is Oberoi’s bahu now. Anika gets free from ropes and comes out of the dickey. Sadly, Shivay leaves from there.

Daksh acts as if he did not understand. Pinky tells him that Shivay and Anika got married. Daksh asks them how can Shivay marry Anika, when I told him about Anika’s truth and character. He speaks more against Anika, and Pinky falls in his words. Pinky worries that Anika trapped Shivay. She gets angry on Anika, as she is poor girl and bad character. She asks Daksh to solve this problem. Jhanvi asks Pinky not to believe Daksh, as they all know Anika well. Jhanvi reminds how Shivay married Anika. Pinky says Anika acted to impress us and win our hearts. Pinky is worried for Shivay’s future.


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