Shivangi to battle with Mahish in Naagin 2


Shivangi reaches Shiv temple and meets the Guru. She asks him about Rudra. He tells her about Rudra kidnapped by Mahish. Shivangi has to save Rudra from Mahish now. Guru tells Shivangi that Mahish is a Icchadhaari bull and she has to fight with Mahish to save Rudra.

Shivangi’s life is in risk again. She has to win over Mahish to save Rudra. Guru gives Vibhuti to Shivangi to help her in fighting with Mahish. Rocky reaches there while following Shivangi. Rocky doubted that Shivangi went to meet Rudra at night. Guru tells Rocky that Shivangi comes here often as Shivanya died here in this temple. Rocky realizes his mistake and apologizes to Shivangi. His doubt gets cleared over Shivangi and Rudra’s relation. Guru blesses Rocky and Shivangi. How will Shivangi save Rudra now? Keep reading.



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