Kusum-Mohan to invite more troubles in Devanshi


Devanshi brings a change in Kusum’s house by making Ishwar sit on the head of the family’s chair. Ishwar takes Kusum’s place and gets owner’s rights after many years, all thanks to Devanshi. Devanshi asks Kusum to have leftever food of Ishwar, as Kusum is Ishwar’s wife and follows old traditions.

Kusum gets angry and unwillingly does so to keep up her image of Mata Kusum Sundari. Mohan makes Kusum realize that Devanshi is the one who has always created problems for them. Kusum also feels that Devanshi is trapping them in their own plans. Kusum is angered by Devanshi’s presence. Ishwar shows a remarkable change after Devanshi starts taking care of him. Kusum determines to punish Devanshi and waits for her to do a single mistake. Devanshi commits a mistake of adding extra spice in the food dish.


Kusum vents out her anger and throws her inside the room, to keep her locked and away from family. Devanshi cries out for help and forgiveness. Devanshi spots her parents’ pic in the room, and realizes Kusum is the connecting link to her parents’ death. Kusum tries to figure out Devanshi’s next move to be prepared. Kusum risks Ishwar’s life to win over Devanshi.


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