More of Shivika’s Ishqbaazi to blossom…


Shivay apologizes to Anika. Anika breaks down and cries, asking him how could he think so negative about her. Shivay can’t see Anika crying. He apologizes from heart. He asks Anika to get her anger out on him, and talk to him else the problem will never get solved.

Anika and Shivay stayed annoyed for long time. Earlier, Shivay was annoyed, and now Anika is angry on him. Its clear that Daksh has planted the misunderstanding. She asks Shivay if Daksh is rich, he is from good family line and blood, can’t Daksh lie, can’t Daksh cheat to anyone, can only poor people cheat and lie to others. She asks Shivay did he doubt on her easily because she is poor middle class girl. Shivay did not hear anyone’s refusal till now. He is angered as Anika is avoiding him and not talking. He is bothered as she is not listening to him.

Anika’s questions make him think seriously on his mindset and definitions of rich and poor people. Anika raises questions on this thinking. Anika shows she is strong, but she cries when Shivay comes in front of him. Shivay is adamant to make up to her. Shivay has humanity and sensitivity, but he can’t express his emotions right. Shivay and Anika are not on good terms now, but Shivay will bend down his attitude and convince Anika. Their relation will soon blossom.


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