Naina clears Raghav’s name from fraud case in Pardes


Raghav and Naina reach the court to defend Dadi. Their relation is facing tough time before anyone could expect. Asha comes to the court and meets Naina and Raghav. Asha praises Raghav and is proud to have him as her son-in-law. Asha finds Mehra family really good.

Rajeev and Chanchal wanted Naina to take divorce. But, Naina and Raghav’s relation get more strong. Naina has supported Mehra family and accepted Raghav as her husband. Naina tells that Rajeev was confused seeing her tension at in-laws house, and he filed case by misunderstanding. Naina withdraws all blames on Indu Mehra and Raghav Mehra. Dadi assures Asha that she will never let Naina and Raghav get separated. She says if Naina comes in tension, Raghav will come in tension, then think what will happen of me. Naina wanted to save Dadi and could not say the marriage truth, that happened by cheat.

Naina and Raghav are destined to be together. Naina was helpless because of Asha. Naina did not wish to give any shock to his mum. Naina forgives Dadi and calls off all the blames to hide the matter from Asha. Raghav gets saved when Naina sees her mum and does not want to hurt her. Asha is very important for Naina. Naina can’t take risk about Asha’s health. Naina gives the statement in favor of Dadi and Raghav.

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Naina and Raghav have to stay together now and keep up the relation. Dadi gets glad and blesses Naina for her decision. Raghav understands Naina has changed statement because of her mum. Naina and Raghav’s arguments happen.

Raghav knows Naina hates him for the cheat, but they have to stay together for Dadi and Asha’s sake now. Raghav is happy by the turn of events happening in his favor. Naina feels the marriage is just a compromise with her. Naina is sad to spend life with Raghav, as he has lied to her and married her. Raghav understands Naina’s sentiments and gives her space.


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