Nandini’s sarcastic remarks hurt Chandra


Nandini sees the Rakhi and gets emotional. She recalls her brothers. Chandra has killed her brothers. Chandra cries and is in same state of mind. She is not able to forget her brother’s death and how Chandra did injustice with her family.

Chandra tries to make Nandini quiet, but she gets angry on him. Nandini asks Chandra what will he do now. She asks how can she talk to him. She gets her anger out on him by sarcastic remarks that he is so great but his deeds are always bad. Chandra is good hearted, but can’t express emotions. Nandini tries to be a good wife, and obeys him. She sits to take care of Chandra’s diet and goes to get fresh fruits for him. Chandra does not want to see Nandini crying. Nandini then insults Chandra. Chandra shows sympathy for Nandini. Chandra feels sad seeing Nandini crying. He does not know how to end her sorrow. Nandini holds him responsible for her sorrows. She tells Chandra that she will not cry if he does not like her tears. She says I will not obey you, as long as the great king Chandragupt stays pleased. Chandra gets hurt seeing her annoyance.



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