Shivangi succeeds in fight with Mahish in Naagin 2


Shivangi had to reach temple with Rocky for puja, but knowing Rudra is in problem, Shivangi leaves to save Rudra first. Shivangi goes missing. Rocky tries to find Shivangi in the jungle. He asks Shivangi to forgive him once. He shouts I love you a lot Shivangi and asks her to come back. Shivangi is stuck in problem.

Mahish has attacked Rudra. Shivangi risks her life to save Rudra. Rudra was injured by Mahish’s hit. Shivangi and Rudra save each other when they fall in problems. Their friendship binds them.

Shivangi fights with Mahish and breaks the horns to free Rudra. Shivangi gets injured and faints. Rudra takes care of Shivangi. Rudra thinks Rocky should not see Shivangi in this state. Rudra sees Rocky coming towards them, and rushes to hide with Shivangi. Rudra knows Rocky does not like him, but he does not want Rocky to see Shivangi’s naagin avatar. Rudra hides Shivangi from Rocky’s sight and leaves from the place.

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Rudra tries to do Shivangi’s aid. Rudra realizes everyone is waiting for Shivangi. Rocky goes back to the temple and is upset thinking Shivangi is annoyed with him for his suspicion. Shivangi gets bit fine and reaches temple so that Yamini does not doubt on her. Rocky gets relieved seeing Shivangi fine. Yamini, Sesha and Akhilesh reach the temple. Yamini keeps puja at the temple for Karwachauth. Rocky and Shivangi do the puja together. Yamini’s asks everyone to come to old haveli. Yamini and Sesha have some plans again. Naagmani has disappeared. They are trying to know where is that Naagmani. Yamini wants Shivangi to do puja, as Shivangi is a Suryavanshi. Sesha figures out that old haveli has Yamini’s trap waiting for their enemy. Keep reading.


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