Blame game and court room drama next in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi, Jaggi and entire Modi family are in court. There is high-end drama. Gopi and Kokila are against each other. Kokila wants to get justice for Ahem’s murder, while Gopi is supporting Jaggi.

Kokila asks Gopi why is she hurrying to save her husband, who is a murderer. Gopi defends Jaggi. Kokila says there was no need to support him, and now we are against each other. She asks Gopi to talk in court. Gopi says I m not against you, I m standing in favor or truth. Kokila asks her to present her side in front of the judge. Kokila leaves with the lawyer. Gopi has to save Jaggi and prove him innocent. Dharam has the proof of Jaggi’s innocent. Gopi waits for Dharam, and calls him to court. Gaura tries to make Dharam’s entry late. Jaggi’s innocence now depends on Dharam’s entry. Kokila has challenged Gopi to prove Jaggi right. Dharam’s phone does not connect. Gopi worries for Jaggi. Gopi prays for Jaggi. Gaura and Shravan catch Ahem’s murderer Manoj. Gaura spots Manoj and asks Shravan to capture Manoj, so that Jaggi can get free. They drag Manoj to court. Jaggi will be proved innocent. Kokila and Gopi’s relation may turn well again. Keep reading.



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