Rishi feels guilty to hurt Tanu’s memories in Kasam


Rano and Rishi have an argument over Tanuja. Rano tells Rishi that by breaking Tanuja’s fast, he made her his mum’s esteem fall. Rano is annoyed with Tanuja and feels Rishi’s life got disturbed after Tanuja came in his life.

She says you have ruined this family’s respect. Rishi broke Tanuja’s fast by feeding her water. Rano says Tanu was better than Tanuja, as she never lied, I did not like Tanu, but this Tanuja is not nice. She says you have cheated Tanu by killing her goodness, Tanuja is fraud. Rishi gets influenced and realizes Rano is right. He apologizes to Rano. Rano does not accept his apology. She asks him to say sorry to Tanu, as he has killed her memories by getting trapped by Tanuja. She uses Tanu’s name to melt down Rishi. She says Tanuja has made Tanu go away from your heart. She tries making Rishi hate Tanuja. Rishi goes to room and cries feeling guilty. He drinks wine and wants to forget everything.

Rishi’s life is getting many ups and downs by Tanuja’s entry. He is in sorrow and pain. He is heartbroken after Rano stated that Rishi cheated Tanu by believing Tanuja. Rano could not accept Rishi and Tanuja’s marriage. Rano wants to break them. Rano is also angry that Rishi proved her wrong, while supporting Tanuja. Rano knows her words has broken Rishi, but she still taunts Rishi and Tanuja. Malaika and Tanuja argue. Malaika is angry that Tanuja acted to make Rishi feed her water and break her fast. Malaika tells Tanuja that she will expose her in front of Rishi. Tanuja decides to find out whom Malaika meets secretively. Will Tanuja expose Malaika’s truth? Will Rishi realize Tanuja is his Tanu? Keep reading.



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