Shivay in denial over Tia’s pregnancy in Ishqbaaz


The Oberoi family is disappointed with Shivay because of Tia’s shocking pregnancy. Shivay clarifies that he has no idea about all this. Shivay does not believe its true. Tia asks am I saying lie. Shivay does not remember anything.

Tia asks him why is he doing drama to forget. He says nothing happened between us. Tia tells him that they went to her mum’s farmhouse two months ago. Tia and her mum conspired to spike the drink and make Shivay unconscious, to cook up a story whenever needed. Shivay remembers they had dinner and a drink, then he slept. Tia lies that night was special between then. Shivay clears nothing happened. Tia’s mum calls Shivay a liar. She asks Shivay to remember how Shivay and Tia slept together.

Shivay says I was sleeping alone in that room. He does not believe Tia. Tia sheds tears and asks Shivay why did he not let her die, why is he getting her humiliated in front of everyone. Tia’s mum asks Shivay what’s his plan of action now, as Tia is pregnant and the truth will come out in front of the world. She asks Shivay what will he do for the child’s future, will he marry Tia and declare her as wife and take the child’s responsibility. Shivay gets a big shock. He sees his relation with Anika shattering.

Shakti and Tej can’t believe Shivay could do this. Pinky says maybe Shivay and Tia came close, as they were engaged. She tells its Anika’s fault to come between them. The world knows Shivay and Tia are married. She says we have to get Shivay and Tia married soon and make Anika away to solve the problems. Shakti says Shivay is sure that he did not have any relation with Tia, how can Tia get pregnant. He finds Tia is lying. Pinky is blind about Tia, and believes Tia. She says Tia is from good family and she can’t never lie such thing. She finds it good thing to get rid from Anika. She says it will be good for Shivay’s business also, after he marries Tia. She is sure Shivay will lead in the business.

On the other hand, Tej is worried for business, as Shivay will become more successful after marrying Tia. Jhanvi asks him to deal with this as a family problem, and not think of business. Jhanvi believes Tia is framing Shivay and lying. She says Tia is not a victim, Shivay is victim in this matter. The family has belief on Shivay’s character. Soumya feels Tia is insecure with Anika and planning this so that Shivay marries her soon, by giving divorce to Anika.

Meanwhile, Randhawa forces Priyanka to come and meet him. Priyanka unwillingly goes to meet him. Randhawa asks her to have tea. She asks why is he troubling her. He tells her that they both have to know each other as they will be getting married soon. He shocks her by talking of marriage.


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