Anika’s ‘Kajra Re’ act and divorce twist next in Ishqbaaz

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Jhanvi says people are assuming that we preponed Shivay’s wedding because of Tia’s pregnancy. Tej asks Shivay what is he thinking about giving official statement to press. Jhanvi says we should give press same statement and hurry up to do Shivay and Tia’s marriage. Tej says Shivay has to give divorce to Anika first, it will take at least six months. Pinky asks Shivay to sign on divorce papers and make Anika sign on it.

Shivay asks Pinky to stop taking decisions on his behalf. He says I will decide what to do and when, I will take some time and decide. Shivay asks Anika not to disturb him. Anika asks him to have food. He angrily throws the food and asks her to just leave.

Shivay helps Anika in work. He asks her not to be adamant and leave him alone. She asks him how will he solve problem alone. He says I don’t believe that’s my child, I remember nothing happened between me and Tia, but how to deny DNA reports. Anika says reports can be wrong. He says DNA reports don’t come wrong, we know that doctor, I have to take the decision. Anika unknowingly helps Shivay. He recalls Tia has added Tabasco in the drink and he slept after taking the anti-allergy pills. Anika asks him not to take tension and get DNA tests done again to clear the doubt.

Media stops Tia and asks her about the pregnancy news. Tia announces the pregnancy news. She confirms the matter in the press. Shivay and Anika see the news and realize what is Tia up to. Shivay tells family that he wants to do test again. Pinky asks him to be happy that he is becoming a father. She blames Anika for stopping Shivay and Tia’s marriage. She insults Anika in front of Shivay. Shivay asks Pinky not to blame Anika for everything. He says its my decision to do the tests again, Anika is supporting me when my mother isn’t. Tej and Jhanvi support Shivay. Pinky gets miffed. Anika wants to make sure the reports don’t come wrong again. Anika will try to lessen Shivay’s stress and perform on Kajra re to make his tension less.

Later on, Shivay asks Anika for divorce. He asks her to sign on divorce papers. He is angry and twists her hand. He angrily asks her to leave from his house. He asks her did she not hear him, he wants her to sign on divorce papers and leave him forever. Anika can’t see Shivay so much hurt. She understands his pain. She hugs Shivay and cries. She asks why are you doing this, are you hiding anything from me. He says nothing, I want to get rid of you. Anika can’t stay without Shivay. Shivay too gets upset. She realizes his fake anger and knows he wants her to be safe, and wants her to go away from the mess. Anika will not leave from his life, till she solves problem created by Tia.






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