Mixed reactions over Tia’s pregnancy and DNA test results in Ishqbaaz

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Anika suggests Shivay to get DNA tests done again as the old reports given by Tia are fake. Shivay is in tension as he has missed a meeting. He feels he has forgotten about the meeting in stress. He asks Mishra to postpone the meeting. Anika finds him in stress.

Anika thinks to divert his mind. She asks him not to have tension or fear if he has not done anything wrong. She breaks the shirt button while talking to him and apologizes. Shivay asks Anika what kind of help is she doing. He says I have to wear new shirt now. Anika asks him not to get irritated. She says I will fix the button. He asks her to go ahead. She does not know threading the needle. He gets surprised. She says its nothing like that, I can easily go that. He threads the needle for her. She says I can also show you doing this.

She stitches the shirt button in filmi style and hurts him with the needle. He asks her to check well, button is to be stitched to the cloth, not his body. He asks does she not know stitching button. She says I had no one to teach me. He asks her not to give excuses, she can learn anything by internet. He says I will stitch button myself. He asks her to watch him and stitched button to his shirt. Anika praises him.

She says I will give Sahil’s shirts to you for stitching. He says I m not a tailor to stitch other’s shirt. She says tailor takes good money for his hard work. She relieves his tension by her sweet talks. She says I take big tensions for small things. He understands she did all this argument to distract him. She does not understand what he tells, and says I was just diverting your mind.

Tia and her mum play the game to bribe the doctor. Tia’s mum knows its Dushyant’s child and asked the doctor to put Shivay’s name in the DNA report. Tia tells her mum that she has bribed the doctor, and he will do what they say. Priyanka tells Shivay that doctor has come with the reports.

Everyone wants to know the test results. Shivay receives the DNA test reports and gets a big shock. Tej tells everyone that reports state Shivay is the father of Tia’s baby. The family gets a big shock. Pinky is happy that Tia is pregnant with Shivay’s child. She congratulates Tia and Shivay for the heir coming home. Jhanvi does not believe it. The doctor lies to them. Shivay does not get convinced by the reports. Tia’s mum builds up pressure on Oberois by spreading Tia’s pregnancy news. Everyone refuses to give any statement about Tia’s pregnancy. They all wonder what to answer the press. Tej asks who is leaking te information. Pinky finds it a good news that Shivay’s child is coming.






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