Pardes – Naina realizes Sanjana’s truth


Raghav gets unwell. Naina gives him the kada/medicine bottle. She gave that kada bottle to Sanjana before. Sanjana has put wine in the medicine bottle. Raghav gets drunk by drinking the wine. Raghav lost senses and acts childish.

Naina tries to control him and stop him from drinking more wine. Raghav falls asleep. Naina checks the kada bottle and smells wine. She thinks how did this happen. She understands Sanjana has done this. Naina apologizes to Raghav. She does not get angry on him. She starts liking Raghav. Raghav does not remember what happened last night. Naina teases Raghav and pulls his leg by saying a fake story. Later, Naina confronts Sanjana for drinking wine in pregnancy. Sanjana accepts that she is not pregnant. Naina gets a big shock and tells Sanjana that she will inform this to Dadi. Sanjana asks Naina will Raghav believe her, if she tells this truth to him. Naina gets thinking and is not sure that Raghav will believe her, and not the one whom he loved before.


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