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Pardes: Raghav gifts flowers to Naina. Naina smiles and is finding happiness in her marriage. Raghav gets scared seeing the injection when doctor treats him.

Dadi has called doctor at home, to get blood tests and health checkup done of the entire family. Doctor takes Raghav’s blood sample. Raghav sees Naina and acts to be brave. Raghav gets afraid and bears the pain. Naina laughs. Raghav gives the sample and rushes out. Naina finds Raghav kiddish and innocent.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi is in worried because of the blackmailer. Ruhi steals money and jewelry from her home and asks Suhail to give everything to the blackmailer. Ruhi convinces Suhail to pay money to the culprit and make him stop threatening her. Suhail stops Ruhi from the madness. Suhail slaps Ruhi to calm her down. Ruhi was panicking. Suhail then hugs and consoles Ruhi. Ruhi trusts Suhail a lot. Suhail is the real culprit behind Ruhi’s MMS. He has come to take revenge from Bhalla family, as Suhail is Niddhi’s brother.


Mannu tells everyone that Yuvraaj is responsible for Bbee’s death. Mannu’s doubt on Yuvraaj increases when Jagan stops Yuvraaj from lighting the funeral pyre. Mannu and Amba mock a fight and Mannu leaves home in anger. Mannu heads to Yuvraaj’s village to find out his truth. Will Mannu be able to find out Sushila’s scheming?

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Soumya gets Surbhi to Preeto’s house. Soumya and Surbhi talk to Harman and Preeto. Preeto accepts Surbhi as her bahu now. Preeto and Soumya ask Harman to marry Surbhi.

Naagin 2:

Rocky is injured and hospitalized. Shivangi cries and talks to Rocky, asking him to open eyes and talk to her. Shivangi has lost Shivanya and does not want to lose Rocky. Rocky survives. Yamini comes to scare Shivangi. She tells Shivangi that if you want to see Rocky fine and alive, then you have one way, you can use Naagmani which can save Rocky’s life. Shivangi agrees to do this for Rocky. Sesha cries seeing Rocky and wants Rocky to be fine. Sesha does not care for Naagmani and cares for Rocky.


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