Anika and Tia’s clashes and challenges next in Ishqbaaz

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Anika and Tia’s clashes will get high, but now Tia has her sisters on her side. The evil trio are the Kapoor sisters, who want revenge from Oberoi family for their father’s murder.

Anika challenges Tia that she will expose her truth. Tia asks Anika how will she manage to bring out the truth. Anika asks Tia to count down and lose to her soon. Anika wants to prove its not Shivay’s child. Tia asks Anika what will she do, when Shivay accepted the child now, after two DNA test results. Anika believes Shivay. Tia laughs on Anika’s belief. Anika answers back Tia and asks her to see the marriage sindoor and mangalsutra. She calls Tia her Sautan/other woman. She says it will be fight between wife and Sautan, and wife definitely wins. She warns Tia to be careful.

Tia meets her sisters Shwetlana and Rumi. Tia is angry on Anika for insulting her. Shwetlana asks Tia to focus on their aim, that’s entire Oberoi family. Tia says Anika is our biggest hurdle, she makes fun of me. Shwetlana is Tia’s elder sister, while Rumi is the youngest one. Shwetlana asks Tia to tolerate Anika as Anika does not matter to them. She says we have to ruin Oberois, I have tried my best to trap Tej Oberoi, now we have to play a big game.

Tia understands and tells her motive to become part of Shivay’s life. Rumi reveals she had the affair with Rudra because of their revenge motives. Shwetlana says Oberois have snatched our everything, we Kapoors will get back our honor by ruining the Oberois by our hatred and revenge. They put light on their past. Their father died because of Oberois. Mrs. Kapoor told her daughters that Oberois killed their father and made them promise to ruin Oberoi empire.

Shwetlana aims to kill Oberoi family members. Rumi asks Shwetlana about their plan. Shwetlana says we will make an entry in that house. Tia alerts them about Anika.

Anika comforts Shivay by seeing him super tensed. She says I believe on you and not on any DNA reports. Shivay is worried and accepts the lie that its his child by believing the reports. He finds it too late to find truth now. Anika does not lose hope. She asks him not to lose courage and fight back. She asks him not to accept defeat so soon. She reminds how he filled life in her, and helped his brothers in worst times. She encourages him.


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