Chandra and Nandini’s friendship begins in Gurukul


Nandini and Chandra have come to Gurukul. Nandini has taken a guy’s get up. Nandini has taken this avatar because of Chandra. Nandini wants to study. Chandra does not want her to study outside the province. The girls could not study before.

Chandra encourages Nandini to complete her education. Chandra takes Nandini to meet his Guru. Guru gets impressed by Nandini’s smart answers. Chandra says we will see how you perform in the tests. Nandini takes the challenge. Nandini feels awkward as there are many guys there. The guy holds her, not knowing she is a girl. Chandra gets jealous and makes the guy away from Nandini. Chandra started liking Nandini and wants to give her freedom to fulfill her dreams and education. Nandini and Chandra are getting friendly now. They can’t see each other in pain and with anyone else. Will they realize their love? Keep reading.



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