Major revelations create troubles for Dev and Sonakshi in Kuch Rang…


Ishwari got to know the truth behind Sonakshi’s pregnancy. Dev and Sonakshi do not find her at home. Dev asks Mami about Ishwari. Mami says Ishwari is not at home, I did not see her.

Mami starts crying and says Ishwari got to know that Sonakshi is a liar, she is not pregnant. She says Ishwari was much hurt that Sonakshi cheated her by fake pregnancy, Ishwari got to know Sonakshi can never conceive, so Ishwari might have left home. Mami had the reports and told Ishwari about the pregnancy reports. They went to talk to Dev and Sonakshi at night. They heard Dev and Sonakshi’s conversation and got to know Sonakshi can’t conceive. Ishwari cried a lot at night and went missing in morning. Mami blames Dev to be responsible for all this for supporting his wife and hurting Ishwari’s emotions. Dev and Sonakshi rush to find Ishwari.


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