Meera to get Dharam and Chanda married in Saathiya…


Jaggi is proved innocent. Some people still blame Jaggi to be a murderer, after seeing his Wanted posters on the walls. Some men get mistaken and beat up Jaggi. Jaggi fights back to save himself. Gopi asks the men to leave Jaggi, he is innocent, he did not do anything.

On the other hand, Dharam and Meera come home with their babies. They are very happy and bring home with happiness. Vidya and Shravan are also happy that Meera and Dharam’s family will get completed now. Chanda has given birth to the babies and does not want to leave the house. She starts her drama. Chanda is blackmailing Meera about the babies. Meera keeps knife at her neck and forces Dharam to marry Chanda, else she will die. Dharam asks Meera if she has gone mad. Chanda asks Meera not to waste her time, she will marry or leave.


Gaura asks Dharam to understand, we can’t forgive ourselves if anything happens to children or Meera. Dharam gets helpless and fills Chanda’s hairline with sindoor. Dharam is angry as Meera is stubborn. Meera and Dharam love each other, but are helpless because of Chanda. Meera begs to Chanda not to leave and feed the babies.

Meera could not see the babies crying for milk. Dharam gets angry and asks Chanda to manage the babies. Meera saves the babies and sacrifices Dharam. Chanda will ruin Meera’s life now. The babies need their mother Chanda. Meera had to bend in front of Chanda’s wrong demands. Is Gaura behind Chanda’s games? Keep reading.

Earlier in SNS

Kokila thinks to apologize to Jaggi after he is proved innocent by Gopi, but Kokila is still in dilemma. Jaggi got released. Kokila and Gopi got distance between them. Kokika has realized her mistake. She rectifies her mistake by apologizing to Jaggi.

She folds hands and tells Jaggi that she has done wrong with him. She asks Jaggi to forgive him. Jaggi asks her to regard her as son and not apologize. Jaggi got free from jail. His truth has come out in front of Kokila, so she is showering love on him.

All the problems are ending in Modi house. Jaggi has made place in Kokila’s heart. Jaggi’s innocence news came as relief. Kokila asks Jaggi to keep Gopi happy. He says I can’t promise this, as Gopi always cries. Kokila laughs. She makes Jaggi do the aarti. Jaggi does aarti and takes Kokila’s blessings. Everyone gets happy seeing the things getting fine.


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