Shivay gets blackmailed by Kapoors in Ishqbaaz


Tia gets media at home by her planning. She acts innocent in front of Shivay. Shivay gets trapped by Tia. Media asks Shivay to give an official statement about Tia’s pregnancy. Shivay unwillingly admits its true.

He says Tia and I are happy with this news. He feels let down by Tia’s move. Anika is angry seeing Tia’s cheap tactics. Anika and Tia argue in the kitchen, over their rights on the house. Anika asks Tia to remember she is guest here. Tia says I m giving the heir to Oberoi house, so this house belongs to me. Anika humiliates Tia. Tia asks her to leave the house. Anika does not listen to Tia. Tia insults back Anika. The cat fight goes on. Tia reminds Anika that Shivay will soon divorce her. Anika does not care for Tia’s words.


Tia stops Anika from taking food for Shivay. Shivay is angered seeing the news. Tia asks Shivay to have food, else she will also leave food and not care for her health. Shivay gives in to her drama. She asks him to give divorce to Anika soon. He asks her not to worry, as they are already married in world’s sight. She asks him to just hurry up, as her mom is conservative. Shivay tells her about work pressure. He asks her for some time. She asks him to sign on it soon. He gets irritated by her constant pressure. Shivay does not like the food without salt. Tia does not know anything about his preferences. Anika gets the salt and helps Shivay.

Anika taunts Tia and indirectly sprinkles salts on her wounds. Shwetlana suggests Tia not to take stress by Anika’s side. Tia is angered on Anika. Rumi asks Tia not to get personal rivalry block their aim. Tia tells them that Anika threatened her about finding truth. Shwetlana asks Tia not to worry, as they will deal with Anika now.

Their mother Mrs. Kapoor plans something to shock Shivay and then begin Oberois destruction. She asks her daughters to execute the plan. Mrs. Kapoor knows big secrets of Oberoi family. A shocking truth of Omkara’s birth comes in front of Shivay. Mrs. Kapoor tells Shivay that Omkara is illegitimate. She asks Shivay what will he do now, when he hates illegitimate relations, will Shivay abandon Omkara and cover up the truth at the price of sacrificing Anika by giving her divorce. Shivay decides to hurry up on the divorce matter. He asks Anika to give him divorce and sign on the papers. Anika asks him the reason for his sudden step. Shivay could not share the big reason with Anika.


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