Naina and Raghav’s date and jealousy track next in Pardes


Raghav and Naina have come on a romantic date. They are coming close. Naina has forgiven Raghav, after she realized Raghav is not so bad. She has revived the friendship with Raghav.

Naina feels Raghav loves Mehra family, and no one cares for him, so she should be with him always by his side as a friend. Naina arranges the cupboard and few greetings and anklet falls down. She realizes Raghav has kept the greetings and anklet for Sanjana. Naina gets upset knowing Raghav’s love for Sanjana. Raghav was very much in love with Sanjana, but now he has moved on. Naina gets irritated and upset with Raghav. Naina’s heart broke again. Naina does not tell anything to Raghav and is jealous about Sanjana. Naina feels she does not have rights over Raghav, and thinks he can keep anything related to Sanjana, she should not be bothered.

Naina wants to look prettier that Sanjana in the party. Naina and Sanjana compete to look beautiful. Naina wants to get Raghav’s attention and is jealous of Sanjana. Sanjana taunts Naina. Veer is happy to get all the property and business empire of Mehra family. Dadi will soon know about Raghav’s efforts behind Veer’s presentations and work.


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