Shivay mocks divorce to find out truth in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Shivay comes to talk to Jhanvi. Anika finds Shivay worried. Shivay asks Jhanvi about her and Tej’s passport. Jhanvi asks him why did he need their family passports.

Shivay makes excuse of knowing travel history. He asks her about travelling to London. She says Tej was handling business in London. Shivay says Omkara was born in that year. Jhanvi says yes, but we did not plan to have a baby that time, we had taken time to mentally prepare and accept things, life is not according to plans, now I m happy that we accepted Omkara that time. Shivay gets mistaken and falls in Mrs. Kapoor’s words. Shivay thanks her for the passports. He gets disturbed realizing Omkara is an illegitimate child of Tej.


Dadi is back home and surprises the family. Shivay wants to meet Omkara. Dadi hugs him. Dadi tells about her good trip to Tirupati. She says Omkara went to make statue in studio. Shivay wants to meet Omkara. Dadi finds the brothers inseparable. Shivay thinks of Omkara and gets saddened after knowing the shocking truth. He decides not to let Omkara know this secret ever.

Shivay asks Anika to sign on the divorce papers. Anika gets a shock and asks why does he want to take divorce suddenly. Shivay could not tell her the reason, that he is being blackmailed by Mrs. Kapoor. Anika asks him to share things. He refuses to tell anything. She refuses to sign on the papers. He asks her how can she refuse to sign.

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Anika remarks she is his wife. He asks her not to dare to refuse, else he will throw her out of the house. Anika gets much hurt by his behavior. She signs on the divorce papers. Tia calls the lawyer’s manager to pick the divorce papers.

She asks Anika if she is happy to get free from the forced marriage. She asks Shivay to sign on the papers and free Anika forever. Shivay gets heavy-hearted. Shivay acts to sign on the papers.

Tia gets pleased watching Anika cry. The manager sees Shivay did not sign on the papers. Shivay does not let him speak up and sends him. Tia gets relieved thinking both Shivay and Anika signed on the papers. Anika asks Shivay to stop her, as she is going away forever. She requests Shivay to tell her what does he want to do. Shivay does not tell anything, as truth is about Omkara.


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