Kartik-Naira’s Roka gets twisty drama in Yeh Rishta…


Naira is trying to convince Kartik for joining him with his family. Dadi is planning Kartik and Naira’s Roka rasam. Naira wants him to stay with his family. Kartik tells her if she tries to join him with family, few things will break forever.

Suwarna does all the arrangements and shows Manish. Naira is trying to explain Kartik, how they have to obey the traditions. She asks why should we leave traditions, when marriage is between two families. Kartik is not ready to listen to anything about his family. She says your family is really good, they love you a lot, when I did not trust you, they trusted you and supported you, Manish, Akhilesh and Suwarna supported you blindly. She says I love you and will do anything you want, but you think about going back to family.

Naira wants to solve Suwarna’s problem. Naira tells Kartik how much family means for them. Kartik says I can give my life, but not stay with Manish and Suwarna under same roof. Naira knows Kartik’s family loves him a lot. She wants to stay with joint family. Naira is fixed between keeping love or relations. Suwarna had requested Naira to stop Kartik from getting away from them, but Kartik cleared he will not stay with Goenkas.

Goenka family has huge celebration going on to celebrate Kartik and Naira’s Roka. Singhania family comes there. There is Tilak rasam, where women are not invited. Dadi believes Singhania women should not come. She gets surprised seeing the women. She says we did not know you will come, and talks rude. Manish manages the matter and happily greets the guests. Goenkas give them a grand welcome. Kartik is angry and annoyed, but as Naira is insisting a lot. Kartik hides his pain and thinks of going back to family. There will be drama in Roka function also.


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