Tia attempts to kill Anika in Ishqbaaz

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Tia complains about Anika to her sisters. She tells how Anika is bothering her. Shwetlana says Anika is very tiny for us, we can manage her any time. Tia tells them that Anika is her problem and she will handle it.

She says Anika is one who can create big hurdles for us. Shwetlana fears Tia’s anger can ruin their plan. She thinks to go Oberoi mansion and stop Tia.

Anika asks Shivay about his signalling way to stop her, and none knew about it. Shivay says I did not stop you. She says I came back as you called me back. He acts innocent. She asks why does he always pretend and show attitude after stopping her. He says I don’t care if you leave or stay back. She asks really, don’t you care for me.

He denies that he cares for her. She knows he is lying and does not want to admit that he cares and worries for her. He says I will never accept it. She asks are you challenging me, I will make you accept this in front of everyone. She tells him that she will prove his concern for her till the night breaks.

Dadi asks Anika to do first rasoi rasam, as Anika is their new bahu. She asks Anika to cook food for husband and inlaws. Soumya offers help to Anika. Dadi says none can help Anika, the new bahu has to cook as per everyone’s choice on her own. Soumya wishes her all the best. Tia hears Dadi and thinks to make Anika’s first rasoi the last one. Shwetlana and Romi enter the house as helpers. Dadi asks them to keep the items. Tia plans to kill Anika. She switches on the gas knobs to kill Anika by cylinder blast.

Shwetlana and Romi stop Tia and asks her plan against Anika. Tia tells them that its risky for them to come here. Soumya gets to hear them, but Tia covers up the matter. Anika finds tough to cook. Soumya goes to help her. Anika says Dadi asked me not to take anyone’s help. I can cook Aloo puri well, but everyone here do not like oily food, I will make something simple. She recalls Shivay’s words and finds recipes online. She likes the paneer dish. Tia waits to see the gas cylinder blast. She asks Anika to just die. Anika gets saved from Tia’s plan. Tia plays next trick and makes Anika unconscious to put her in fridge. Who will save Anika now? Keep reading.


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