Kapoors attempt to kill Shivay and Anika in Ishqbaaz


Anika is crying and feels Tia and Shwetlana can injure Shivay. Shivay is worried for the house security breach. He thinks the security has loop holes and that’s why things are getting wrong.

Anika asks Shivay why is he not listening, his life is in risk. Shivay tells Anika that Tej’s accident and asks her to calm down. Omkara and Tej argue over the business. Omkara says I m not interested in your business. Tej goes to slap Omkara. Jhanvi tells Tej that he has made Omkara helpless to argue. Someone breaks the glass and throws in Shivay’s way. Anika sees the glass and worries, that Shivay could have got hurt.

Shivay is angry and worries for Tej, while Anika is tensed for Shivay. She gets into an argument for Shivay, as he is not valuing his life. Shivay goes and stops Omkara from leaving the house. Omkara does not want to marry as per Tej’s plan. Omkara stays back in home on Shivay’s saying. Om is annoyed with Tej for unwanted marriage. He tells Tej that he will not agree to Tej. Jhanvi asks Tej not to misbehave with Omkara. Omkara wants to lead his life independently, apart from Oberoi surname.

The track will see many twists. Anika is attacked by Tia again and again. Shwetlana has come back in Tej’s life. Anika will solve Omkara’s problems by exposing Shwetlana. There will be much drama. Shwetlana saves Tej’s life and gets an entry in Oberoi house again. Tej gets injured Shwetlana home and asks her to open eyes. He asks Shivay to call doctor fast. Dadi asks what happened to Shwetlana.

Tej says I was meeting with an accident, if Shwetlana did not save me, I would have died. He asks Soumya to get first aid box. Tej and Shivay do the aid to Shwetlana. Jhanvi gets silent and upset seeing Shwetlana back.

On the other hand, Anika is terrified. She explains Shivay that his life is in risk, someone wanted to kill him. Shivay asks what is she saying, nothing will happen to him. Anika asks if you leave me and go, then… He promises he will never leave her. She cries as she has already lost her family. She asks him not to go away. He asks her to listen to him, he will never go away and not let her go away from him. He says I will always hold your hand and be with you. Shivay makes a lovely promise to Anika. Will Anika find out Kapoor’s revenge motives? Keep reading.


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