YRKKH — KaiRa’s engagement


Kartik and Naira’s Roka and engagement is happening. Dadi is worried for the abshagun happening. Naksh hugs Kartik. Singhanias get welcomed by Kartik. Naksh also forgot all the annoyances of the past.

Naksh is happy for Kartik and Naira. The Tilak rasam starts. The families meet and have a good bond. Someone comes there, which makes Dadi angry. The man gets dressed in black color. Dadi scolds the man for doing abshagun and makes him leave from the tilak. Kartik makes excuse and wants to see Naira once. Kartik goes by excuse and comes back. Naitik is asked to do rasam in which he has to wash Kartik’s feet. Kartik pays respect to Naitik and asks him not to do this rasam. He asks Naitik to tie him the pagdi. Naksh washes Kartik’s feet and does the rasam. Naitik ties the pagdi to Kartik and completes the rasam. Kartik and Naira are happy to get bonded by the institution of marriage.


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