Intense track between Raja-Rani and Nawab Iqbal begins

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Raja tries to molest Rani. He has asked Rani to spend a night with him and then he will leave from his life forever. Rani did not imagine Raja will misbehave with her. Rani does not understand if Raja loves her, why is he doing love deal for her freedom.

Raja’s intentions got bad. He tells Rani that all the rituals have happened. He says if people know Raja is alive, what will happen of your Nawab. He removes the beard and pagdi, and reveals his face. He shows the divorce papers. Raja is going mad in anger. He wants to take revenge. Rani gets a big shock. Raja misbehaves with Rani in anger. Iqbal comes there and beats up Raja. Iqbal gets angry seeing Raja and Rani together. He asks Rani to answer who has done this sins.

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Rani tells Iqbal that Angad has tried to molest me, you came on right time and saved me. Nawab angrily breaks inside the room seeing Angad with Raja. He beats up Raja badly. Raja leaves from there. Iqbal/Nawab asks Rani did she cheat him. Raja sees Nawab’s madness and enters the room again. Nawab gets angry on Rani and asks what was going on in the room. Raja beats Nawab and asks how did you touch my Rani. Nawab beats him back and asks how can you call Rani as yours.

Raja asks Nawab do you want to know who I m. Rani stops Raja and scolds him asking him to leave. She does not let Raja say his truth. When Raja gets beaten up by Nawab, he realizes Nawab loves Rani. Rani tells Nawab that Angad is trying to get close to me and eyeing my badly since he came here. She asks Angad to just leave, she will kill him if he is seen in Amerkot again. Nawab pays a man and asks him to kill Angad. He says Rani is my fiancee, if someone eyes her badly, then I will kill that man. Nawab also loves Rani and is protective about her. There will be a love triangle between them.






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