Anika gets rescued; Troubles for Priyanka next in Ishqbaaz


Rudra stops Romi by getting a doubt on her. Soumya tells Rudra to sign on papers as fridge company guys are coming to pick up the damaged frigde. Tia makes Romi disappear. Soumya tells Rudra about Tia getting servants. Dadi asks Shivay about Anika.

Shivay does not know about Anika. Even Soumya did not see Anika since long. The fridge company guys take the faulty fridge. Shivay asks the guys to handle it carefully. Rudra looks for Anika and does not get her anywhere. Tia insists Shivay to come and talk to her for some time. Dadi asks Shivay to find Anika, she is not at home. Shivay asks all of them not to play game along with Anika. Tia is worried and wants Anika to leave soon.

Shivay tells Rudra that Anika wants to prove I get worried for her, so she is disappearing and playing games. Rudra and Dadi do not know what Shivay is saying. Shivay wants to prove what Anika said. He calls her to confirm her games. Anika’s phone rings, while he is shut inside the fridge. Tia asks Shivay not to waste time. They all hear the phone ringing from the fridge.

Shivay calls on Anika’s number again. He stops the fridge company guys. He opens the fridge to check. Anika falls in his arms. Everyone gets a big shock seeing Anika’s chilled state. Shivay gets worried for her. Rudra wonders how did Anika get inside the fridge. Tia’s plan fails once again. Anika gets conscious. Rudra and Soumya have a cute argument on relations. Shivay asks Anika how can she be so stupid to hide inside fridge. Anika says I did not hide in fridge, I m not so mad. Shivay says you were hiding in fridge to win the challenge. She says maybe I slipped inside the fridge, I was standing close and I felt heavy-eyed, I slept and don’t remember anything. He asks her is she not normal to sleep in fridge. He cares for her and keeps her warm. She calls him rude.

Meanwhile, Priyanka is at the trekking camp with her friends. She aims to socialize with people to lead a normal life. Randhawa creates troubles for her. His presence gives her goosebumps. Priyanka tries to get away from his sight. Few guys badly eye Priyanka. Priyanka changes in the tent, while someone clicks her pictures. Priyanka gets a tremendous shock.

Priyanka goes out to check who has done this. She sees Randhawa and bursts out her anger on him for doing such a cheap thing. She asks him how can he ruin her respect to get justice for his sister. She tells him to return the camera, if the photos get leaked then she will be ruined.

Randhawa does not know what is she saying and asks her what is she saying. She asks him not to start drama. She is sure that Randhawa has clicked her pictures while she was changing. Randhawa gets angered knowing the matter, and wants to find out who has done that dirty thing. Priyanka blames Randhawa to be after all this. Will Randhawa find the real culprit? Keep reading.


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