Sambhav poses new challenges for Birlas in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


Suhani has tried to get Yuvraaj’s whereabouts from Sambhav, but failed. Sambhav gives challenges to Suhani like lighting diya when he blows off air to trouble her in the task.

Suhani somehow manages and wins the challenge. Sambhav gives them another challenge, asking Suhani and all the family women to cook 20 dishes in 20 mins. He starts the time and asks the women to hurry up as the time started running. Sambhav keeps an eye on them and enjoys seeing them quarrelling in anger. Dadi scolds Rags and Baby for fighting and wasting the dish. Rags blames Baby to make the dish fall. He makes all women to cook together. Dadi is worried. Everyone start cooking faster to make 20 different dishes. Baby tries to spoil the work again. Baby acts innocent and is working on Sambhav’s orders.


Suhani and everyone make 19 dishes and one gets totally ruined. Dadi wonders how will they rin now in nick of the time. Krishna says we will win and comes up with an idea to make Baby’s dish proper. Suhani asks Dadi not to worry, they will win the challenge. Yuvani, Krishna, Rags and Baby also support Suhani and Bhavna in the challenge. They rush against time to make 20 dishes to win the challenge posed by Sambhav. Sambhav comes to check the dishes and see if the women won the challenge or not. Suhani attempts to save Yuvraaj. Will Suhani succeed? Keep reading.


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