Kokila and Urvashi targeted by Gaura again in Saathiya…


There is high octane pregnancy drama going on in Modi house. Pari reveals to Kokila that Gopi is pregnant. Pari was asking Gopi what is she hiding. Gopi shows the file. Kokila was wondering what was Gopi hiding, is she unwell.

But, when Kokila gets Gopi’s pregnancy news, she gets a huge shock. Everyone receive a shock. Pari uses this news and taunts Gopi that her age is to become grandmum. Mona asks Pari to stop taunting Gopi. Pari and Mona laugh on Gopi. Urmila and Jaggi come there. Urmila says enough Pari, don’t say anything now. She says Paridhi is lying to everyone, Gopi is not pregnant. Jaggi gets the doctor who made wrong report. He asks doctor to say truth, why she did this. Doctor says Kokila has paid me money to do all this.

Kokila says I don’t know this doctor, why will I do this. Kokila is worried hearing the accusations on her. Kokila wants to find out who has done this. Everyone is relieved knowing Gopi’s pregnancy reports were fake, but now the twist will be finding the real culprit who is breaking Kokila and Gopi’s relation. Gaura has done all this. The man tells Kokila that Urvashi has ordered this cake for celebrating happiness. Urvashi throws the cake and says its all lie. Doctor says Kokila told me on phone that she wants to break Gopi’s marriage. Kokila says I have not done this. Kokila and Urvashi fight and blame each other. They have a big argument, all thanks to Gaura. Gaura is also breaking Meera and Dharam, by making Dharam marry Chanda. Will Gaura succeed in her aims? Keep reading.


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