Shivay and Anika’s ‘blush realization’ in Ishqbaaz


Anika breaks into the room to teach a lesson to Tia and throw her out. Tia asks Anika how could she come in anyone’s bedroom. Anika says its my bedroom, and you should have manners not to come here at this time.

Anika asks Tia to get lost from here and show this style somewhere else, as I have to be with my husband now. She scolds Tia right in front of Shivay. Tia asks Anika to talk well. Shivay asks Anika what is she doing. Anika and Tia fight for the room and Shivay. Anika says Shivay is my husband and this room belongs to me. She says husband, room and bed are mine and you are just a free fund guest. She asks Tia to just leave.

Tia asks Shivay to stop Anika and say something. Anika calls Tia shameless and asks her to leave before Shivay asks her to leave. Anika insults Tia. Tia argues with Anika and reminds Shivay is giving divorce to her. Anika says divorce did not happen yet, and till then Shivay and I are husband and wife. Anika stays adamant on her rights. She drags Tia out of the room.

Shivay becomes a silent watcher and seems to enjoy their cat fight. He does not care for Tia. Anika throws out Tia. Tia gets angered by facing so much humiliation. Anika returns the slippers which Tia gifted her. She scares Tia and insults Tia more. She asks Tia to keep the slippers and remember her place in Shivay’s life. Anika hands over the slippers to Tia and goes to room. Shivay pulls Anika’s leg, seeing her happy after throwing Tia out. He asks Anika to sit close to him, as she wanted to be with her husband.

Anika gets puzzled. Shivay reminds her words, that this is her room, bed and husband. He asks her to come and sit with her husband. Anika blushes. Shivay asks her to see her face turning red. He tells she is blushing. She thinks he is saying about brushing teeth. He says I m saying blush. She asks what does it mean. He asks shall I show what it means. They have a romantic moment. Anika turns shy. He says this is blush, you are blushing again. She says I don’t know what you mean. She runs away from him. She thinks what happened to Shivay. Even Shivay thinks the same feeling the changes in him. Watch out for Shivika’s cute romance. Keep reading.


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